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Vanderbilt in France (ViF) is located at 15, rue Cardinale in the heart of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. Founded in 1961, ViF welcomes students who want to experience French language and culture firsthand. Students from Vanderbilt as well as other colleges and universities participate in the ViF program.

TRACK A: Studies in Language and Culture(s)

Students applying for Track A must have completed the equivalent of 3 semesters of college-level French (FR 2203). The program offers intermediate and advanced courses in French language as well as courses in French and Francophone history, literature, and art. Students with advanced proficiency in French are eligible to do an internship for credit; they may also choose to take a course in French at Sciences-Po. All courses in Track A count for the minor and major in French. (Fall and spring semesters).

TRACK B: France, the E.U., and the Global Market Place

Students applying for Track B are not required to have studied French. All students in Track B will be required to take one French language course (FR 1103) and can select from a pre-approved list of courses offered in English at Sciences-Po. Courses in Track B may satisfy requirements in Economics, History, HOD, MHS, and Political Science. (Fall and spring semesters.)

**NOTE: Students interested in taking courses offered in both Tracks A and B may do so in consultation with their advisers and with the Director of Vanderbilt in France.


The 8-week summer session (approximately May 25 through July 25) is open to students with no previous French study. Students may earn up to 7 hours of credit.


October 2 for spring session; February 22 for fall session. February 1 for summer session; **Consult GEO if you require an extension.


The French program offers modest travel scholarships (approximately $500) to meritorious students. There is one application for both the Brooks and Drushal scholarships.

Deadlines: March 31 for summer and fall sessions; November 15 for spring session.

Submit applications to Laura Dossett: laura.dossett@vanderbilt.edu

The Vanderbilt-in-France web site offers information about housing, current course offerings, internships, and news.


Track A: Studies in Language and Culture(s) Application

Track B: France, the E.U., and the Global Market Place Application

Summer: Vanderbilt in Summer Application

Global Education Office Advisor, Ashley Heaton: ashley.k.heaton@vanderbilt.edu

ViF Resident Director, Maïté Monchal: maite.monchal@vanderbilt.edu

Professor in Residence 2015-16, Lynn Ramey : lynn.ramey@vanderbilt.edu



For additional information contact
the Global Education Office in the Student Life Building, Suite 115

at 615-343-3139