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April 2015



When: Thursday, April 23rd, 3pm

Where: Robert Penn Warren Center

What:“The Case Against Freedom: Michel Houellebecq and the Charlie Hebdo Attacks”

Who: Louis Betty, Assistant Professor of French, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

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When: Monday, April 13th, 4 pm

Where: Buttrick 102

What: “Discoveries of the Americas: Playing the Past with the Unity3D Game Engine”

Who: Dr. Lynn Ramey, Department of French and Italian, Vanderbilt University






March 2015



When: March 12th, 5 -7pm

Where: Cohen Memorial Hall

What: opening reception for “Memento Mori: Looking at Death in Art and Illustration”

Who: organized by Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery and co-curated by: Joseph Mella, director, Holly Tucker, professor of French Studies and professor of Biomedical Ethics & Society, Christopher Ryland, assistant director at the Eskind Biomedical Library, and James J. Thweatt, coordinator for historical collections at the Eskind Biomedical Library.

“Memento Mori: Looking at Death In Art and Illustration” will run from March 12th – May 23rd at the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery. For additional information select the following link:  Press Release MM H.Tucker




When: March 18th, at 12:10pm

Where: Buttrick Hall, Rm 302

What: “Masculinity, Mafia, and (Male) Melodrama”

Who: Dana Renga, Associate Professor of Italian, Ohio State University

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When: March 31st, at 4:10 PM

Where: Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities

What: “Lexical Innovation in the Banlieues: Social Group, Ethnicity, Language, and Identity”

Who: Daniel McAuley, visiting Grad Fellow, School of Modern                                              Languages (French), Queen’s University, Belfast



February 2015


When: February 16th, at 4 PM

Where: Furman Hall 209

What: “Before Science Fiction: The Scientist as Propagonist in the Ancien Régime”

Who: Dr. Ellen Welch, Department of Romance Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill







When: February 25th, at 11:10 AM

Where: W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies on the 8th Floor of Central Library

What: “Remy de Gourmont et les petites revues littéraires et artistiques”

Who: Vincent Gogibu, Center d’Histoire Culturelle des Sociétés Contemporaines (CHCSC), Versailles University.

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September 2014


When: September 26th, at 3:10P

Where: Furman Hall 001

What: Lecture on “Dante’s Theology of the Future”

Who: Professor Giuseppe Mazzotta, Sterling Professor of Humanities for Italian at Yale University




October 2014

Image from Les Dieux s’en vont, D’Annunzio reste, F.T. Marinetti, Caricature by Ugo Valeri, titled “Le Poète est en train d’essayer son monument équestre.” Paris: Sansot & Cie, 1908.


When: October 23rd – 24th

Where: W.T. Bandy Center, 8th Floor, Central Library

What: “Cultural Modernism in the Americas III: The French and Italian Avant-Garde.”

Conference Program: PROGRAM Avant-Garde Symposium