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Undergraduate Alumni

Class of 2013


Essie Assibu – teaching in Montpellier through TAPIF
Chloe Booth
Charlotte Cleary
Caitlin Cloum
Emily Davies
Elizabeth Eure
Stephanie Herrmann – Japanese Exchange & Teaching Program (JET)
Alexandra Manthey
Una Nattermann – grad student in Biological Physics at U. of Washington
Maria Ochoa-Vargas – UC Berkeley Law School
Brittany Perskin – Vanderbilt Law School
Edith Rios
Marquis Summers – John Marshall School of Law, Chicago
Kevin Turner – teaching at l’Académie de Strasbourg through TAPIF
Heather van Stolk – teaching in Caen through TAPIF
Steven Werther

Class of 2012


Nabeela Ahmad
Christopher Anderson - Audition for music graduate school
Taylor Backus
James Barclay
Catherine Brewbaker
Emily Cook – Law school at University of Georgia
Omar El-Khattabi
Lise Harbom
Zachary Hunter
Robyn Mate- Architecture at Washington U. Sam Fox School
Chloe Mayo
Kyle McGrath
Catherine McIntyre
Tessa McLain
Kate Measom
Efren Ormaza III
Grace Powell
Claire Shavzin
Eszter Szentirmai - Medical School at Vanderbilt University
Steve Tchiengang
Julia Williams

Class of 2011


Naatuere Ajanaku
Courtney Anigian
James Barry
Eilleen Begley – Med school pre-requisite classes at Syracuse University.
Elizabeth Cook
Mary Dawson

Kate Gilbert - Interning for a non-profit called Falling Whistles which raises awareness for the war in Congo.
Benjamin Goodman
Carmen Hazim – Traveling: going to Lebanon for the summer.
Savannah Hicks
Candice Jones
Calla Ketchens
Danielle Kruglak
Anna Lynch
Chelsea Mayo
Russell McCord
Mathew Murphy

Claire Nowlin – I’ll be doing the Peace Corps as an education volunteer in either Central Asia or Eastern Europe.
Brett Rudis – Investment banking analyst at Bank of Montreal.
Elyse Sadeghi – Teaching English in Deauville.
Margaret Shanley
Andrew Silverstein

Hanna Simonson – Teaching English in Paris for 1 year, then studying international law at Stetson.
Patrick Smith
Taylor Wilson - Working for Capgemini (consulting firm) in Atlanta