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If you have completed (or are currently completing) 101a, you should continue with ITA 101b.

If you have completed ITA 103 in the past, or are currently completing ITA 200, to continue with classes taught in Italian you should enroll in ITA214, Conversation, or ITA238, City Fictions (or both).

Students at any level who are interested in pursuing a Minor, or in learning more about Italian culture, can enroll in one or both courses offered in English (no language prerequisite): ITA 240, Classic Italian Cinema and ITA 250, Famous Women by Boccaccio.

All Spring 2014 upper-level courses count towards the Minor in Italian and Italian Studies and/or the Major in Italian and European Studies. Please check what AXLE requirement these courses fulfill.

Italian 101a: Elementary Italian
MWF @ 10:10-11:00, Mirabile (Buttrick 112)
MWF @ 11:10-12:00, Mirabile (Buttrick 112)
MWF @ 12:10-1.00, Greenfield (Buttrick 112)
MWF @ 1:10-2:00, Greenfield (Buttrick 112)

This course introduces students to vocabulary and grammatical structures while strengthening students’ skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  The incorporation of cultural elements, realia, and exposure to the film, art, and literature of Italy will help students gain a well-rounded appreciation of the Italian language.. [5] TAUGHT IN ITALIAN. This course fulfills the Axle requirement INTERNATIONAL CULTURES (INT)

Italian 115: First-Year Writing Seminar: Italy: An Introduction
TR @ 1:10-2:25, Modena (Furman 209)


Italian 200: Italian Journeys
MWF @ 10:10-11:00, Greenfield (Furman 007)
MWF @ 12:10-1:00, Filosa (Furman 007)

Life and art in the diverse regions of Italy through an integrated four-skills approach of reading, writing, listening and speaking. No credit for students who have earned credit for a more advanced Italian language course. Prerequisite: 101b or 102. [3] (INT)

Italian 201W: Grammar and Composition
TR @ 11:00-12:15, Modena (Furman 207)

Syntax, idiomatic expressions, and current usage. No credit for students who have earned credit for a more advanced Italian language course. Prerequisite: 200. [3] (INT)

Italian 294A: Special Topics in Italian Literature – Sex, Love, Deceit in Renaissance
MWF @ 11:10-12:00, Filosa (Furman 207)

Sex, love, and deceit in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Taught in Italian. May be repeated for credit more than once if there is no duplication in topic. Students may enroll in more than one section of this course each semester. Prerequisite: 201W. [3] (No AXLE credit)



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