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Fall 2014

FREN 101A Elementary French
5 Sections. MWF 8:10a – 9:00a Buttrick 112, (2) 9:10a – 10:00a  Buttrick 112 and 205, 10:10a – 11:00a Commons 320, 11:10a – 12:00p Buttrick 212. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening through an exploration of the French-speaking world. For students who have studied little or no French. No credit for students who have earned credit for a more advanced French language course.. Instructors: Carlo Amado, Raquelle Bostow, Nicholas Courchamp, Jennifer Dunn, and Kate Lorenzo

FREN 102 Accelerated Elementary French
4 Sections. MWF : 9:10a – 10:00a Buttrick 309, 10:10a – 11:00a Sutherland House 106, 12:10p – 1:00p Wilson 121, and 1:10p – 2:00p Buttrick 309. This course is not open to students who have completed French 101A-101B. A communicative approach to reading, writing, listening, and speaking for students who have studied one to three years of French. Instructors: Caroline Boone, Katie Butler, Daniel Ridge

FREN 103 Intermediate French
3 Sections. MWF 9:10a – 10:00 Buttrick 301, 10:10a – 11:00a Buttrick 309, 11:10a – 12:00p Hank Ingram House 208. Review of French grammar with emphasis on composition, reading, and conversation. Multicultural materials for the French-speaking world. Instructors: April Steven and Rebecca Peterson

FREN 201W. French Composition and Grammar
4 sections. TR 9:35 – 10:50a Calhoun 103, TR 11:00a-12:15p Calhoun 219, MWF 12:10p-1:00p Gillette 103, and 1:10a-2:25p Furman 007. In this course students prepare themselves for advanced-level work in French. To develop proficiency in reading and writing, students will study grammar and analyze how it is used to create meaning in a variety of texts. Prerequisite: 103 or the equivalent. No graduate credit.  Professor: Anthere Nzabatsinda, Hanna Roman, and Holly Tucker

FREN 205. Medical French
1 sections. MWF 11:00a-12:00p Furman 209, Advanced conversation course incorporating linguistic skills and cultural information necessary for dealing with medical issues in the Francophone world. This course will prepare students for the Diplôme de Français Medical, administered through the French government. Professor: Nathalie Dieu-Porter

FREN 211. Texts and Contexts: Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. 2 Sections. MWF 10:10a – 11:00a Calhoun 103, TR 1:10p – 2:25p Wilson 113. Literature and culture in historical contexts. Offered on a graded basis only. Prerequisite: 201W. Professor: Lynn Ramey and Hanna Roman

FREN 212. Texts and Contexts: Revolution to the Present.
2 Sections. Lecture. MWF 10:10a – 11:00a Furman 226 and MWF 11:10a – 12:00p, Furman 217. Literature and culture in historical contexts. Offered on a graded basis only. Prerequisite: 201W. Professors: Nathalie Debrauwere-Miller

FREN 214. Advanced Conversational French.
2 Sections. MWF 10:10a – 11:00a and 1:10p – 2:00p Furman 209. Emphasis on idiomatic usage and strategies for oral communication. Prerequisite: 201W. Professors: Nathalie Dieu-Porter

FREN 226. Advanced French Grammar
1 Section. MWF 11:10p – 12:00p, Calhoun 203. A systematic review with particular attention to morphology and syntax. Prerequisite: 201W and 211. Professor: Marc Froment-Meurice

FREN 239. African Novel
1 Section. TR 11:00a – 12:15p, Furman 311. The postcolonial Francophone novel of Subsaharan Africa illustrating topics such as tradition and modernity, the identity of Africa, the representation of women, and the ideology of language. Prerequisite: 201W. [3] (INT) Professor: Anthere Nzabatsinda

FREN 256. French Intellectual History
1 Section. MWF 1:10p – 2:00p, Buttrick 206 . Parcours des grands mouvements intellectuels « français » de Descartes à Derrida : rationalisme; les philosophes des Lumières ; romantisme, socialisme ; positivisme; surréalisme ; existentialisme ; structuralisme ; postmodernité & déconstruction. Selon les auteurs et périodes, on étudiera des textes entiers ou des extraits. Prerequisite: 201W. [3] (INT)  Professor: Marc Froment-Meurice

FREN 294. Special Topics in Traditions – Science, Literature 17th Century 1 Section. MWF 12:10p – 1:00p, TBA. Topics vary. Prerequisite: 201W. May be repeated for credit more than once if there is no duplication in topic. Students may

FREN 300. Introduction to Research 1 Section. T, 03:10p – 05:30p, Furman 109. Materials and methods of scholarly research, with attention to their relation to theories of literature. Professor: Lynn Ramey

FREN 310. Foreign Language Learning and Teaching 1 Section. M, 03:10p – 05:40p, Furman 109. Professor: Virginia Scott

FREN 362. Seminar Nineteenth-Century French Literature.
1 Section. W, 3:10p – 5:30p. Furman 202. May be repeated for credit more than once if there is no duplication in topic. Students may enroll in more than one section of this course each semester. [4]   Professor: Robert Barsky

FREN 380. French Literary Theory.
1 Section. R, 3:10p – 5:30p, Furman 202, Literary theory as it has been shaped by and shapes the French tradition. [4] Professors: Paul Miller

FREN 399. Ph.D. Dissertation Research. 6 Sections. Time: TBA, Location: TBA. Professors: Robert Barsky, Virginia Scott, Nathalie Debrauwere-Miller, Marc Froment-Meurice, Lynn Ramey



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