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Dr. Whidden to Give Talk on Career in France and U.S.

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The Department of French and Italian welcomes Dr. Seth Whidden of Villanova University. Dr. Whidden will be a Pascal Pia fellow at the W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French studies from April 8th through April 12th.

Dr. Whidden will speak on his experiences as an American academic who has successfully negotiated a career in the U.S. and France.

Title: Terrains minés; or, How to Find Success on Two Continents

Place: W.T. Bandy Center, Central Library

Time: 3:10, Tuesday April 9th

“If old mantras from the past (“publish or perish”) no longer apply to the ever-shifting world of the American academy, neither are they particularly helpful in figuring out how to create a career that spans time zones, continents, and intellectual traditions. The U.S. and France are separated by more than the Atlantic, to be sure, and Skype can only bridge some of that gap. How are these two versions of academia different, and is it possible to succeed in two places at once? Seth Whidden will discuss some of his successes and failures on both continents.”

Seth Whidden is associate professor of French at Villanova University. His research focuses primarily on nineteenth-century French literature. He is Associate Editor of Nineteenth-Century French Studies and coeditor-in-chief of Parade sauvage and Revue Verlaine.

Dr. Whidden has published a monograph, edited volumes of essays, critical editions, articles, and translations on issues related to literary collaboration and the crisis of the lyric subject in nineteenth-century French poetry, as well as articles on hip-hop culture and baseball.

His current research, on issues of authority and authorship in nineteenth-century French literature, includes a monograph on literary authority during Second Empire France.

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