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English Department

Recent Dissertations

Amanda Louise Johnson
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: "Romances of the New World"
Beau Yancey Baca
May 20, 2010
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: "Situating Pathos in English Drama of the Long Eighteenth Century"
Chu-Jiun Alice Chuang
June 18, 2010
Chair: Mark Wollaeger 
Title: "Re-Imagining the Jewelled Isle: England, Media, and Literature in the World War II Period"
Charlotte Amanda Hagood
May 18, 2010
Co-Chairs: Michael Kreyling and Vera Kutzinski
Title: "The Domestication of Environmentalism: Science, Democracy, and the Ideological Origins of the U.S. Environmental Movement"
Justin Haynes
May 18, 2010
Chair: Vera Kutzinski
Title: "Carnival: Transformation, Performance, and Play in Caribbean Festivals"
Sarah Erin Kersh
June 7, 2010
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: "Naked Novels: Victorian Sonnet Sequences and the Problem of Marriage"
Elizabeth Shih Meadows
June 9, 2010
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: "Morbid Strains: Obsession and Spectacle in Victorian Literature from In Memoriam to The Picture of Dorian Gray"
Bethany Martie Packard
May 24, 2010
Chair: Leah Marcus
Title: "Problem Children: Troping Reproduction and Development in Early Modern England"
Sarah M. Passino
June 17, 2010
Chair: Dana Nelson
Title: "Pirating Human Rights"
Rebecca Renee Chapman 
May 28, 2009
Co-Chairs: Leah Marcus and Kathryn Schwarz
Title: "Rehabilitating Shakespeare: Cultural Appropriation and Queer Subjectivity"
Sarah Louise Childress
June 15, 2009
Chair: Dana Nelson
Title: "Common Interests, Competing Subjectivities: U.S. and Latin American Avant-Garde Film Theory and Practice"
Frances Dianne Henderson
March 27, 2009
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "(Re)Claiming Self: Motive Forces Contributing to Migration in African American Literature by Women"
Lauren Wood-Hoffer
June 5, 2009
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: "That Inevitable Woman: The Paid Female Companion and Sympathy in the Victorian Novel"
Jennifer A. Krause
April 29, 2009
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "From Classical to Postmodern: Madness in Inter-American Narrative"
Donald C. Jefferson
May 15, 2009
Chair: Lynn Enterline
Title: "The Ghost Complaint: Historiography, Gender, and the Return of the Dead in Elizabethan Literature"
Christina Maria Neckles
June 3, 2009
Chair: Jay Clayton
Title: "Defensive Adaptation: Managing Social Anxieties in Literature and Film"
Miranda Garno Nesler
May 4, 2009
Chair: Leah Marcus
Title: "Performing Silence, Performing Speech: Genre and Gender in Stuart Drama"
Brian James Rejack
June 24, 2009
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: "Gluttons and Gourmands: British Romanticism and Aesthetics of Gastronomy"
Daniel Frederick Spoth
May 4, 2009
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "The Wandering Eye: Dreaming the Globe in Faulkner and Walcott"
Nafissa D. Thompson-Spires
June 19, 2009
Chair: Paul Young
Title: "Think Canada: Locating the Canadian Presence in U.S. Youth Television"
Brian Daniel Deyo
August 25, 2008
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: "We Have Never Been Human: J.M. Coetzee, The Enlightenment, and the Lives of Animals"
Joshua Benjamin Epstein
August 18, 2008
Chair: Mark Wollager
Title: "Sublime Noise: Musical Culture and the Modernist Writer"
Katherine A. Fusco
June 19, 2008
Co-Chairs: Paul Young and Cecelia Tichi
Title: "Time Material: Temporality, Narration, and Modernity in Silent Films and American Naturalism"
Benjamin Thomas Graydon
August 21, 2008
Chair: Cecelia Tichi
Title: "Marketing Fictions: Product Branding in American Literature and Culture"
Persephone Emily Harbin
July 17, 2008
Chair: Mark Wollaeger
Title: "Transforming the Race-Mother: Motherhood and Eugenics in British Modernism"
Christian Bradley Long
August 19, 2008
Chair: Paul Young
Title: "The Wages of Sprawl: The Experience of the Suburban Form in American Film and Fiction"
Jeffrey Michael Menne
August 20, 2008
Chair: Paul Young
Title: "The Birth of the Auteur: The Counterculture, Individualism, and Hollywood Cinema, 1967-1975"
Nicole E. Seymour
June 24, 2008
Co-Chairs: Carolyn Dever and Paul Young
Title: "Foreign Bodies and Anti-Bodies: Queer Bodily Transformations in Post-World War II Literature and Film"
Charles Kinian Cosner, Jr.
May 29, 2007
Chair: John Halperin
Title: "Neither Lye nor Romance: Narrativity in the Old Bailey Sessions Papers"
Elizabeth A. Festa
September 24, 2007
Co-Chairs: Cecelia Tichi and Teresa Goddu
Title: "Precious Specimens: Public Museums, Popular Culture, and American Literary Modernism"
Jeong-Oh Kim
August 22, 2007
Co-Chairs: Jonathan Lamb and Mark Schoenfield
Title: "A Sense of Place and the Uncertainty of the Self"
Briana O'Riordan McCoy
March 14, 2007
Co-Chairs: Carolyn Dever and Jay Clayton
Title: "Migrants and Cosmopolitans: Travel and the Reconciliation of England and Ireland in Nineteenth-Century Literature"
David L. Smith
May 4, 2007
Chair: John Halperin
Title: "Under Lock and Key: Securing Privacy and Property in Victorian Fiction and Culture"
Jennifer Clement
December 11, 2006
Co-Chairs: Leah Marcus and Lynn Enterline
Title: "Significant Others: Devotion, Divinity, and Authority in Early Modern England"
Susan Crisafulli
March 13, 2006
Chair: John Plummer
Title: "Women of Kynde: The Construction of the 'Natural' and the Natural World in Medieval Courtly Narrative""
Brian Scott Hicks 
March 22, 2006
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "Re-Farming the New World Order: Imaginations of Agriculture in Global America"
Melanie Butler Holladay
July 13, 2006
Chair: Cecelia Tichi
Title: "Individualism Possessed: The Supernatural Marriage Plot, 1820-1870"
Dean Anthony Masullo
March 29, 2006
Chair: Cecelia Tichi
Title: "The Penumbral Frontier: Landscape, Modernity, and the Subterranean Imagination in New York City Literature and Culture, 1609-2001"
Beccie Randhawa
March 28, 2006
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: "An Elicit Proximity of Geography: Creoles and Colonial Hospitality in Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic Literature"
Andrea Bradley
May 3, 2005
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: "Wanted: Advertising in British Literature, 1700-1830"
Hyeyurn Chung
November 14, 2005
Co-Chairs: Cecelia Tichi and Tina Chen
Title: "The Color of Masculinity: Racialized Masculinities and the Reconfiguration of American Manhood"
Shalyn Claggett
August 16, 2005
Co-Chairs: Jay Clayton and Carolyn Dever 
Title: "The Science of Character in Victorian Literature and Culture"
Melissa Hull
August 22, 2005
Co-Chairs: Leah Marcus and Kathryn Schwarz
Title: "Reproducing Texts, Reproducing Bodies: Aberrant Reproduction and Print Culture in Early Modern England"
Michael Karounos
March 28, 2005
Chair: John Halperin
Title: "Tropes of Time and Space in Johnson, Burney, Edgeworth, and Austen"
Lisa A. Niles
August 17, 2005
Co-Chairs: Carolyn Dever and Jay Clayton
Title: "Unproductive Productivity: Aging and Literature in the Nineteenth Century"
Laurel A. Young
November 29, 2005
Chair: John Halperin
Title: "(Re)Inventing a Genre: Legacy in Women's Golden Age Detective Fiction"
Mark Barr
July 23, 2004
Co-Chairs: Mark Schoenfield and Jerome Christensen
Title: "In Search of Justice: Blake, Coleridge, and the Romantic Conflict Between Legal and Literary Discourse"
Tikenya Foster-Singletary
August 16, 2004
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "Revolutionary Romances: Romantic Love in African American Literature by Women"
Aisha Francis
March 19, 2004
Co-Chairs: Michael Kreyling and Sheila Smith McKoy
Title: "Hometraining and How to Be: Black Conduct Literature and the Politics of Identity in United States Culture"
Ellen Levy
December 2, 2004
Chair: Vereen Bell
Title: "Poetry was Declining / Painting Advancing: The Dialects of Dominance in the Institution of Modern Art"
Karissa McCoy
August 17, 2004
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "Re-Writing Region, Reconstructing Whiteness: Appalachia and the 'Place' of Whiteness in American Culture, 1930-2003"
Daniel Turner 
August 25, 2003
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "Sustaining Power: The Poetry of the Contemporary American South"
Tommy Anderson
May 29, 2002
Co-Chairs: Leah Marcus and Lynn Enterline
Title: "The Claims of the Past: Traumatic Events, Compensatory Narratives, and the Formation of Identities in Early Modern England"
Lisa Barnes
February 20, 2002
Chair: Cecelia Tichi
Title: "Politicians in Print: American Women Writers and the Landscapes of Nationalism, 1839-1894"
Sean Heuston
July 15, 2002
Chair: Mark Jarman
Title: "The Dialect of the Tribe: Ethnography and Modern Poets"
Ashley Trice
July 1, 2002
Chair: John Plummer 
Title: "Capturing Christ: Representations of the God-Man in Middle English Religious Lyrics"
Anthony Wilson
June 31, 2002
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: "The Shadow and the Shelter: The Swamp and Constructions of Southern Identity"