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Recent Dissertations


Christopher Pexa
Chair: Dana Nelson
Title: Translated Nation: Writing Dakota Kinship and Sovereignty, 1862-1934

Matthew Duques
Chair: Dana Nelson
Title: "To a Certain Degree": Northern Education Reform, Settler Colonialism, and the Early U.S. Novel, 1782-1872

Heather Freeman
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: Marketing "Proper" Names: Female Authors, Sensation Discourse, and the Mid-Victorian Literary Profession

Caroline Hovanec
Chair: Jay Clayton and Mark Wollaeger
Title: Zoological Modernism: Literature, Science, and Animals in Early Twentieth-Century Britain

Donika Ross
Chair: Michael Kreyling
Title: Reading against Genre: Contemporary Westerns, and the Problem of White Manhood

Michael Alijewicz
Chair: Leah Marcus and Kathryn Schwarz
Title: "Nothing Is But What Is Not": Subjunctive Aesthetics in Early Modern England

Elizabeth Barnett
Chair: Vera Kutzinski
Title: Aboriginal Issues: Indianism and the Modernist Literary Field



Derrick Spires
Chair: Dana Nelson and Teresa Goddu
Title: Black Theories of Citizenship in the Early United States, 1793-1860

Matthew Eatough
Chair: Mark Wollaeger
Title: Affective Transnationalism: Writing Anglo Decline in the Afro-Celtic World-System, 1880-1980

Diana Bellonby
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: A Secret History of Aestheticism: Magic-Portrait Fiction, 1829-192

Destiny Birdsong
Chair: Ifeoma C. K. Nwankwo and Hortense J. Spillers
"Title: The Mother’s Mark: Matrilineal Inscription, Corporeality, and Identity Formation in Mother-Daughter Relationships in Black Women’s Literature

Erin Garcia-Fernandez
Chair: Jay Clayton and Mark Schoenfield
Title: "Delicious Plural": The Editorial "We" in Nineteenth-Century Fiction and Periodicals

Emily Hines
Chair: Jay Clayton
Title: Referential Worlds

Jane Wanninger
Chair: Leah Marcus
Title: Confessing Subjectivity: Power and Performative Agency in Early Modern Drama



Elizabeth Covington
Chair: Mark Wollaeger and Jay Clayton
Title: Reclaiming Memory: Literature, Science, and the Rise of Memory as Property, 1860-1945

Kimberly McColl
Chair: Paul Young
Title: "'Something Mechanical Encrusted on the Living': Modernity, Embodiment, and Empathy in American Slapstick Film, 1895–1929"

John Morrell
Chair:  Cecelia Tichi
Title: The Dialectic of Climate Change: Apocalypse, Utopia, and the Environmental Imagination



Beau Yancey Baca
Chair: Jonathan Lamb
Title: “Situating Pathos in English Drama of the Long Eighteenth Century”

Chu-Jiun Alice Chuang
Chair: Mark Wollaeger
Title: “Re-Imagining the Jewelled Isle: England, Media, and Literature in the World War II Period”

Charlotte Amanda Hagood
Co-Chairs: Michael Kreyling and Vera M. Kutzinski
Title: “The Domestication of Environmentalism: Science, Democracy, and the Ideological Origins of the U.S. Environmental Movement”

Justin Haynes
Chair: Vera M. Kutzinski
Title: Carnival: “Transformation, Performance and Play in Caribbean Festivals”

Sarah Erin Kersh
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: “Naked Novels: Victorian Sonnet Sequences and the Problem of Marriage”

Elizabeth Shih Meadows
Chair: Carolyn Dever
Title: “Morbid Strains: Obsession and Spectacle in Victorian Literature from In Memoriam to The Picture of Dorian Gray

Bethany Martie Packard
Chair: Leah S. Marcus
Title: “Problem Children: Troping Reproduction and Development in Early Modern England”

Sarah M. Passino
Chair: Dana D. Nelson
Title: “Pirating Human Rights”