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Economics students preparing for law school may choose from a broad menu of courses. Pre-law students might find special value in Econ 246 on unions if interested in labor law, Econ 252 anti-trust or Econ 259 financial instruments and markets if interested in corporate law, Econ 254 public finance if interested in tax law, or Econ 285 law and economics if interested in the economic analysis of the common law of property, contracts, torts, and crime. Introductory courses in accounting (FinEc 140) and finance (FinEc 240) may be helpful in law school. In addition to taking courses in political science and history, pre-law students should attempt to develop strong writing and oral communication skills. Courses that develop such skills, for example seminars, are highly recommended. For further information, see the Pre-Law Advisor at the Center for Student Professional Development.

At the Library:

The Official guide to U.S. law schools.
Newtown, PA : Published by Law School Admission Council/Law School Admission Services in cooperation with the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools, c1986-
CENTRAL Library KF 273 .A86

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