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Honors Program in Economics

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The honors program in economics serves highly motivated students interested in doing independent research, culminating in a senior thesis.

Students seek out a faculty advisor in economics during the fall of their junior year to discuss research ideas. The formal thesis proposal is developed during the spring semester of the junior year as an independent study with the faculty advisor. The thesis is fully developed, polished and presented to the thesis committee at the end of the senior year. Thus an Honors student will have worked closely with a faculty advisor and the Honors Director for three semesters.

The process of actually doing economic research brings together many of the best elements of the undergraduate Economics major experience at Vanderbilt. It also serves, along with Econometrics 3050 (a key pre-requisite best taken in the junior year), as part of a solid portfolio of academic acheivement for subsequent graduate study and employment in research oriented private and public enterprises.

Contact Professor Joel Rodrigue for more information.