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Grant and Fellowship Application Deadlines

The Center for the Americas is offering a limited number of Graduate Fellowships to Vanderbilt doctoral students whose interests are interdisciplinary and comparative. The application announcement can be found at here.

Graduate School’s Travel Grant for conference presenters. The maximum award is $500/yr for domestic travel and $1,000/2yrs for an international meeting. Apply at least two weeks before planned travel.

National Science Foundation Grants for Improving Doctoral Dissertation Research: in the Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences and in the Directorate for Biological Sciences; Ph. D. students enrolled at institutions; up to 24 months; open, allow up to 6 months for normal processing. Target deadlines for fellowships are August 15th and January 15th and must be submitted through Vanderbilt's Office of Sponsored Research,

Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to Education. No citizenship requirement, but doctorate must be sought at a university; $20,000 over a period of one-two years; deadline is October 27.

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Department of Economics at Vanderbilt University will recruit new Ph.D. students whose research interests include health and health policy. The students will earn a doctorate from Vanderbilt's Department of Economics, be trained with a concentration in health and health policy, and participate in the Robert Wood Johnson Meharry-Vanderbilt Center for Health Policy. The deadline for applications for admission in the fall is January 15th.

Visit the following link for other dissertation fellowships:

Visit the following link for Professor Crucini's student guide to grant writing.

Graduate Program


  • bill The Economic History Association has appointed Bill Collins as the next editor of the Journal of Economic History.  His term begins in 2016.
  • announcementEugene Vorobeychik (Engineering) and Myrna Wooders (Economics) have been awarded a grant for $442,051 for the next three years in support their research project, "Theory and Application of Mechanism Design for Team Formation." This project addresses questions of design of mechanisms for efficient team formation from the perspectives of computer science, microeconomics, experimental economics, and game theory. The grant is sponsored by the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems of the NSF
  • Savelyev Peter Savelyev has been awarded a solo-PI $260,464 NSF grant for the next three years of his research on the economic and psychological origins of health capital accumulation.

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