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Celebrating Dean Bergquist

Commencement 1986 Photo Bergquist Telescope Holiday dinner 2010 Photo photo

Maybe you were one of the thousands of students counseled by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs M. Fräncille Bergquist in the College of Arts and Science.

Perhaps she taught you Spanish.

Did you share scintillating dinner conversation with her at one of the many McTyeire International House meals?

Or you got to know Dean B when you participated in campus activities as an undergraduate.

No matter how your paths crossed, you will always remember Associate Dean Fräncille Bergquist.

“I walked out of her office and thought that if even one other member of the faculty took as much time with me and cared as much about my situation as she just had, then Vanderbilt was where I wanted to be.” –Anastasia Higginbotham, BA'93