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Cinema and Media Arts

Minor in Cinema & Media Arts

The Cinema & Media Arts minor consists of 18 hours and requires students to enroll in a balance of film studies and film/video production classes. To declare your minor, please see  this form.

The requirements are as follows:

1. CMA 1500: Fundamentals of Film and Video Production

2. CMA 1600: Introduction to the Study of Film

3. One course in intermediate filmmaking: CMA 2100: Intermediate Filmmaking: Alternate Forms, CMA 2200: Intermediate Filmmaking: The  Fiction Film. Prerequisite, CMA 1500

4. One course in intermediate film studies: CMA 2300: Film Theory, CMA 2400: History of World Cinema. Prerequisite, CMA 1600

5. Two courses in CMA electives: CMA 1111: First Year Writing Seminar, CMA 2500W: Screenwriting I, CMA 2600W: Screenwriting II, CMA 3891: Special Topics in Film, CMA 3892: Special Topics in the Study of Film.

Note: Courses listed in multiple categories may only fulfill one category requirement.

Our curriculum is flexible in that our intermediate production courses will be taught under different topics. For example:

CMA 2100 (Alternate Forms) may be offered as "The Cinematic Essay," or Experimental Montage," or "Non-narrative 16mm Film Production."

CMA 2200 (Fiction Film) may be offered as "Comedy" or "Horror" or another genre of fiction.

Both of these courses may be taught as either a group production experience or may require students to carry out individual work. 3891 and 3892 are advanced "special topics" classes in film studies and film production respectively. The Senior Seminar offers graduating majors the opportunity to undertake in-depth research and/or production projects.

Other courses related to film and media may also be counted as electives, subject to the approval of the director of Cinema & Media Arts.


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News, Events & Screenings

Tuesday, December 1st
Jennifer Fay
Vanderbilt University
"Welcome to the Anthropocene: Hospitality at the End of the World"
123 Buttrick Hall, 4:10PM
Part of the Environmental Humanities Seminar
Wednesday, December 2nd
Presented by: Kristin Michelitch, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Sarratt Cinema, 7:30PM
An International Lens Event
Friday, December 4th
Nick Sousanis
University of Calgary
"Unflattening: Reimagining Scholarship Through Comics"
Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, 11:30PM
Part of the Film Theory and Visual Cultural Seminar