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The Asian Studies Program offers two types of minors: the “Language and Culture” minors, and an “Asian Studies” minor


The minor in Chinese Language and Culture and the minor in Japanese Language and Culture both require a minimum of 18 hours of course work.  They are anchored in the study of an Asian language and complemented by elective courses on Asian society to round out the curriculum.  

The minors have two basic parts, Language and Electives:
Language (13 hours)
minimum of 2 1/2 years of language study, or achievement of language proficiency through the first semester of the Advanced (third year) level. Courses taken abroad can count toward the language component, but the highest-level language course of a student’s curriculum must be taken at Vanderbilt. The credit hours for Elementary-level language study (first year) do not count toward the minor. 
Electives (6 hours): Two ASIA or ASIA-eligible courses, taught in English, on the history, literature, culture, politics, and religions of either China or Japan.

Note: The Chinese Language and Culture Minor has two tracks, one for those students in the standard Chinese curriculum, and another for heritage learners.  Because heritage Chinese requires fewer hours than the standard curriculum (9 vs. 13), students on the Heritage Track take one extra elective course, as follows:
Language (9 hours) Heritage Chinese 2211, 2212, plus first semester of Advanced (3301) one advanced language course (3301 or above) must be taken at Vanderbilt)
Electives (9 hours) Three ASIA or ASIA-eligible courses, taught in English, on the history, literature, culture, politics, and religions of China

The Asian Studies minor is less language-intensive and more interdisciplinary than the Chinese/Japanese Language and Culture minors.  It is an ideal approach for those students who want to explore Asian cultures, but wish to combine some language study along with a broad selection of knowledge from other fields.   It requires a minimum of 18 hours of coursework.

The minor has two parts:
Core (6 hours) Two survey courses on the history of China, Japan, and/or South Asia

Electives:  (13 hours) A total of thirteen hours of coursework, with at least one course from each of the following three categories:

A) Language (Chinese or Japanese): 2201 (5 credit hours), or above            

B) Humanities: including classes in Art History, Religious Studies, and                                                        Literature            

C) Social Sciences: including classes in political science, sociology, economics,                                                   and history