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Asian Studies Program


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Sŏkkuram (Stone Grotto Chapel) in Eurasian Context  
Minku Kim
Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, University of Minnesota
Thursday, April 2, 2015
4:10 pm, Cohen Memorial Hall 203


Sŏkkuram (literally, “Stone Grotto Chapel”) is a mid-eighth century lapidary Buddhist sanctuary made in Unified Silla (668-935 CE) Korea. With its domed rear section buried to bring cave-like effect, this extraordinary ashlar masonry temple is constructed of a rectangular antechamber, a narrow vaulted corridor, and a rotunda sanctum featuring a main granite statue of the Buddha, placed imposingly at the center for circumambulatory worship. In regard to this unique architectonic, the talk attempts to situate its origin to the extent of Iranian tradition developed under the Parthians (ca. 250 BCE-ca. 224 CE) and the Sasanians (224-642 CE). Similar rock-cut Buddhist monasteries in Kucha (Xinjiang) are discussed as cognate cases in point.




  The Asian Studies Program is Vanderbilt's home for the study of Asian languages and cultures.  As a center for interdisciplinary inquiry, our program explores Asia through the multiple lenses of literature, history, history of art, religious studies, political science, and sociology. Our faculty's expertise encompasses a wide range of regions, countries, and languages, including East/Central Asia (China, Japan, Korea, and Tibet), South Asia (including India, Bangladesh, and Nepal) and Southeast Asia (particularly Vietnam).

Over three hundred students from all around campus study Asian languages with us each year.  With the study of Asian languages at the core, the Asian Studies major, along with minors in Chinese and Japanese, equip students with a crucial understanding of Asia’s central role in the world, both past and present.  Through its challenging global curriculum, Asian Studies prepares students for dynamic careers in multiple fields, including business, finance, law, medicine, policy, and academia. 


Upcoming Events


Thursday, April 2,  4:10 pm
Cohen Memorial Hall 203
Sŏkkuram (Stone Grotto Chapel) in Eurasian Context 
Minku Kim
Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, University of Minnesota 

April 3-4, 2015
Vanderbilt Divinity School, Room 129
Networks and Religious Difference in Asian Buddhist Traditions


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