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Department of Anthropology

Requirements for the Minor


The minor in anthropology requires 18 credit hours of course work that includes any two of the introductory courses: ANTH  1101, 1301, 1201, 1601; one course listed in Group I in the major; and three additional courses from any combination of the courses listed in Group I, II, and III in the major.


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Wed. Jan 13, 5:00-6:30 p.m.:

  “After Paris: What Next?”, an interdisciplinary roundtable on climate change and COP21, introduced by Chancellor Nick Zeppos. Moderated by David Wood, with Beth A. Conklin, Jonathan Gilligan, David Hess, Amanda Little, Douglas Perkins, Cecelia Tichi, Michael Vandenberg, and Alice Contopoulos, President of SPEAR/Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility. In Flynn Auditorium, the Law School.