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Approved Writing Courses as of Fall 2012

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100‐Level Writing Courses

American Studies. 100W. Introduction to American Studies. (US)
Earth and Environmental Sciences. 114W. Ecology, Evolution, and Climates through Time. (MNS)
English. 102W. Literature and Analytical Thinking. (HCA)
English. 104W. Prose Fiction: Forms and Techniques. (HCA)
English. 105W. Drama: Forms and Techniques. (HCA)
English. 116W. Introduction to Poetry. (HCA)
English. 117W. Introduction to Literary Criticism. (HCA)
English. 118W. Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis. (HCA)
English. 120W. Intermediate Composition. (HCA)
Jewish Studies. 135W. Introduction to Hebrew Literature. (HCA)
Jewish Studies. 136W. Imagining the Alien: Jewish Science Fiction. (HCA)
Jewish Studies. 137W. BlackJewish Relations in PostWar American Literature and Culture. (US)
Jewish Studies. 138W. Jewish Humor. (US)
Jewish Studies. 139W. American Jewish Music. (US)
Jewish Studies. 180W. Introduction to Jewish Studies. (INT)
Music Literature. 121W. Music in Western Culture. (HCA)
Philosophy. 100W. Introduction to Philosophy. (HCA)
Philosophy. 103W. Introduction to Asian Philosophy. (INT)
Philosophy. 108W. Introduction to Medical Ethics. (P)
Philosophy. 120W. The Meaning of Life. (HCA)
Religious Studies. 110W. Introduction to Southern Religion and Culture. (SBS)
Religious Studies. 111W. The Gnostic Gospels. (HCA)
Sociology. 101W. Introduction to Sociology. (SBS)
Sociology. 102W. Contemporary Social Problems. (SBS)
Sociology. 104W. Men and Women in American Society. (P)
Theatre. 100W. Fundamentals of Theatre. (HCA)
Women's and Gender Studies. 150W. Sex and Gender in Everyday Life. (P)

200‐Level Writing Courses

African American and Diaspora Studies. 203W. Blacks in the Military. (P)
African American and Diaspora Studies. 204W. AfricanAmerican Children’s Literature. (HCA)
African American and Diaspora Studies. 208W. Soul Food as Text in Text: An Examination of African
American Foodways. (HCA)
Asian Studies. 200W. Fashioning the Self: Coming of Age and Asian Modernities. (INT)
Asian Studies. 213W. Media Monsters in Contemporary Japan. (HCA)
Asian Studies. 250W. Hollywood Hanoi. (INT)
Chemistry. 227W. Forensic Analytical Chemistry. (MNS)
Classics. 295W. Periclean Athens. (HCA)
Classics. 296W. Augustan Rome. (HCA)
Earth and Environmental Sciences. 220W. Life Through Time. (MNS)
Economics. 256W. Seminar in Macroeconomic Policy. (SBS)
Economics. 257W. Seminar in Microeconomic Policy. (SBS)
Economics. 260W. Seminar on Globalization. (SBS)
Economics. 277W. Economics of Conflict. (SBS)
English. 210W. Shakespeare: Representative Selections. (HCA)
English. 211W. Representative American Writers. (US)
English. 213W. Literature of the American Civil War. (US)
English. 236W. World Literature, Classical. (HCA)
English. 237W. World Literature, Modern. (HCA)
English. 243W. Literature, Science, and Technology. (P)
English. 262W. Literature and Law. (HCA)
English. 263W. African American Literature. (US)
English. 272W. Movements in Literature. (HCA)
English. 273W. Problems in Literature. (HCA)
English. 274W. Major Figures in Literature. (HCA)
English. 277W. Asian American Literature. (P)
English. 278W. Colonial and PostColonial Literature. (HCA)
English. 279W. Ethnic American Literature. (P)
English. 288W. Special Topics in English and American Literature. (HCA)
English. 295W. Undergraduate Seminar. (HCA)
European Studies. 215W. Europe on Trial. (INT)
Film Studies. 227W. Screenwriting. (HCA)
Film Studies. 275W. Advanced Screenwriting. (HCA)
French. 201W. French Composition and Grammar. (INT)
German. 201W. Introduction to German Studies. (INT)
Hebrew. 202W. Advanced Hebrew Composition. (INT)
History. 200W. The History Workshop. (SBS)
History. 243W. The English Atlantic World, 15001688. (Formerly 268). (US)
History. 285W. Science, Technology, and Modernity. (P)
History. 288W. Blacks and Money. (P)
History of Art. 213W. The Court of Burgundy. (HCA)
History of Art. 217W. Early Renaissance Florence. (HCA)
History of Art. 220W. Michelangelo Buonarroti: Life and Works. (HCA)
History of Art. 260W. Ancient Landscapes. (HCA)
History of Art. 262W. Gender and Sexuality in Greek Art. (HCA)
Italian. 201W. Grammar and Composition. (INT)
Jewish Studies. 235W. Hebrew Literature in Translation. (INT)
Jewish Studies. 237W. Coming of Age in Jewish Literature and Film. (INT)
Jewish Studies. 248W. Jewish Storytelling. (HCA)
Jewish Studies. 253W. Witnesses Who Were Not There: Literature of the Children of Holocaust Survivors. (HCA)
Medicine, Health, and Society. 205W. Medicine and Literature. (HCA)
Philosophy. 233W. Writing as Political Resistance. (P)
Philosophy. 239W. Moral Problems. (P)
Philosophy. 248W. Philosophy and Literature. (HCA)
Philosophy. 272W. Ethics and Law. (SBS)
Physics. 225W. Concepts and Applications of Quantum Physics. (MNS)
Physics. 226W. Modern Physics. (MNS)
Political Science. 207W. Liberalism and Its Critics. (HCA)
Political Science. 264W. Global Feminisms. (INT)
Political Science. 272W. The War in Iraq, 20032011. (US)
Religious Studies. 204W. Evangelical Protestantism and the Culture Wars. (US)
Religious Studies. 220W. Constructions of Jewish Identity in the Modern World. (HCA)
Religious Studies. 231W. Early Christian Women. (HCA)
Religious Studies. 280W. Senior Seminar. (HCA)
Sociology. 265W. Sociology through Baseball. (SBS)
Spanish. 201W. Intermediate Spanish Writing. (INT)
Theatre. 202W. The Development of Drama and Theatre II. (INT)
Theatre. 206W. Contemporary Drama and Performance Criticism. (P)
Women's and Gender Studies. 246W. Women's Rights, Women's Wrongs. (US)
Women's and Gender Studies. 250W. Contemporary Women's Movements. (P)
Women's and Gender Studies. 259W. Reading and Writing Lives. (HCA)
Women's and Gender Studies. 261W. Gender and Law in Classical Antiquity. (HCA)

Oral Communication Courses

Communication Studies. 200. Argumentation and Debate. (HCA)
Communication Studies. 201. Persuasion. (HCA)
Communication Studies. 204. Organizational and Managerial Communication. (HCA)