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Distribution Categories

Distribution of A&S Courses in AXLE

IMPORTANT NOTE (OCTOBER 2014): The AXLE distribution list will no longer be updated each semester. In YES, students and advisers can search for all classes in a term (e.g., Spring 2015) that are offered in a particular AXLE category. Go to “class search,” “advanced,” and choose the appropriate term (in the upper left corner). In “class attributes,” select the AXLE category (e.g., “AXLE: 100-level W course”) you are interested in, and hit “search.”

In addition to the following courses, all First-Year Writing Seminars are classified into the AXLE distribution categories.

IMPORTANT NOTE (OCTOBER 2014): The list of First-Year Writing Seminars will no longer be updated each semester. For the most current information on the First-Year Writing Seminars being offered, please see the class schedule in YES. (In the "class search" application, type "115f" into the search box.)

2014/2015 Academic Year