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Distribution of A&S Courses in AXLE

IMPORTANT NOTE (AUGUST 2016): We may update the AXLE distribution list later this summer; right now, we are in the midst of moving from Kirkland to Buttrick. "Class search,;" "advanced class search," and the catalog in YES are other ways to see the AXLE category of an A&S class. A search for 1111 in class search will show all First-Year Writing Seminars on the schedule for the fall semester.
IMPORTANT NOTE (OCTOBER 2014): The AXLE distribution list will no longer be updated each semester. In YES, students and advisers can search for all classes in a term (e.g., Spring 2015) that are offered in a particular AXLE category. Go to “class search,” “advanced,” and choose the appropriate term (in the upper left corner). In “class attributes,” select the AXLE category (e.g., “AXLE: 1000-level W course”) you are interested in, and hit “search.”
IMPORTANT NOTE (OCTOBER 2014): The list of First-Year Writing Seminars will no longer be updated each semester. For the most current information on the First-Year Writing Seminars being offered, please see the class schedule in YES. (In the "class search" application, type "1111" into the search box.)

In addition to the following courses, all First-Year Writing Seminars are classified into the AXLE distribution categories.

2015/2016 Academic Year